• Festival frauenkomponiert: Vision Statement

    We present concerts around International Women's Day (8 March) that are ???????????????? (lit.: “women-composed”). Leading musicians come together to perform compositions by women of diverse cultures and spaces from the 9th to the 21st centuries. Our vision is to make these "unprecedented sounds" accessible both to the public and to the musical world.

    The large-scale symphony concerts form the centrepiece of ????????????????. In former times the orchestra was predominantly a male sphere, but there are nonetheless excellent pieces by women composers that are excluded from the standard orchestral repertoire of today. We give these works and their composers a voice.

    The resonance of our concerts is enhanced by panel discussions, lectures, round-table discussions, and our own music editions.

    We aim to:

    • generate enthusiasm for the great music of these courageous women

    • contribute to the diversity of concert programming in an effort to counter the enormous gender imbalance in the music business

    • bring these "unheard sounds" into the world