frauenkomponiert 2016


Emilie Mayer

Sinfonie no. 5 in f minor (1862)

Allegro agitato
Scherzo. Allegro vivace
Finale. Allegro vivace

Junghae Lee

poema ritmico
for solo piano and strings (2014)
Swiss premiere

Piano: Stefka Perifanova


Ethel Smyth

Concerto for Violin, Horn, and Orchestra (1889)

Allegro moderato
Elegy (in memoriam). Adagio
Finale. Allegro

Violin: Adelina Oprean
Horn: Olivier Darbellay

Vítĕzslava Kaprálová

Sbohem a šáteček Waving farewell)
for voice and orchestra  (1938)

Text: Vítĕzslav Nezval
Soprano: Olga Pavlu

Lead Violinist: Jiří Nĕmeček

Conductor: Jessica Horsley

Warmest congratulations once again for the superb concert yesterday. It was an incredible achievement from the organisation to the performance. And the musicians visibly enjoyed playing under your direction/with you, Jessica. Very good rehearsal work und improving quality right up to the end. Also in the concert. That was, following on from the first edition of 2015, the second successful edition of worthwhile discoveries of previously largely unknown female composers.
Thüring Bräm, conductor and composer, former Director of the Conservatory of Lucerne

“Once again is was hugely inspiring and a wonderful experience to work with you! The atmosphere of solidarity in the rehearsals is the most valuable thing for me: one hardly ever experiences this any more in the “official” orchestras… I have only experienced this process of letting go with the best conductors, who are not necessarily famous, but who are deep human beings – and you are one of these.”
Omar Zoboli, 1st Oboe, L’anima giusta

“You (Conductor Jessica Horsley) have done a very good rehearsal, have always been polite and patient, which I greatly appreciate, and have conducted the concert in an inspired, well-led, yet musical manner with the necessary freedom. Congratulations and respect because the program was not easy and the group never played together before … “
Rico Zela, Oboist

“The concert on 8th March was really beautiful, we enjoyed it hugely and managed to achieve a sound and tuning that is very rare. And the merit of all this lies with all my colleagues, but above all with you.”
Ricardo Papa, 1st Bassoon, L’anima giusta


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