About us


Jessica Horsley (Initiator and Conductor)

Where did the idea for the project come from?

In 2013, somewhere between Prokofiev’s 5th Symphony and Beethoven’s 6th, I thought to myself that it would be nice to conduct something written by a woman. Whether there was any repertoire? (That an internationally-trained musician didn’t know the answer to this question is certainly telling!) I started digging, made some amazing discoveries, and launched the project frauenkomponiert.


Circle of friends

Thüring Bräm (Composer)
Edwin de Sterke (Orchestral Representative & Logistics)
Bernadette Fries Bolli (Orchestral Representative)
Bernard Hucher (Project Consultant )
Natasha Evers (Poster and programme design)
Dominik Meier (frauenkomponiert Association Committee)
Renate Würsch (Orchestral Representative & Editing)


Elisabeth Ackermann, President of the Government of the City of Basel (Festival frauenkomponiert 2018)

Honorary President (2015 –   )

Sofia Gubaidulina