About us


Jessica Horsley (Initiator and Conductor)

Where did the idea for the project come from?

In 2013, somewhere between Prokofiev’s 5th Symphony and Beethoven’s 6th, I thought to myself that it would be nice to conduct something written by a woman. Whether there was any repertoire? (That an internationally-trained musician didn’t know the answer to this question is certainly telling!) I started digging, made some amazing discoveries, and launched the project frauenkomponiert.


Sinisa Vugrin, Filip Popescu (DigitConstruct)

What made you join the frauenkomponiert team?

I met Jessica by chance in 2019 and was fascinated by her personality and artistic prowess. I mentioned the project to my team; everyone was inspired by the value of frauenkomponiert and together we asked to be part of it. We are happy that Jessica accepted! Once the rest of my team met her and sat down to discuss in detail, they were all captivated by this celebration of women’s fantastic achievements in classical music composition! Filip is the artistic soul of our group with a particular sensibility for music and the visual arts.
– Sinisa Vugrin

Sinisa is CEO of DigitConstruct – an architecture office offering a wide array of services from architectural competitions to event and project management.
Filip is Project Manager with DigitConstruct.

Circle of friends

Thüring Bräm (Composer)
Edwin de Sterke (Orchestral Representative & Logistics)
Bernadette Fries Bolli (Orchestral Representative)
Bernard Hucher (Project Consultant )
Natasha Evers (Poster and programme design)
Dominik Meier (frauenkomponiert Association Committee)
Renate Würsch (Orchestral Representative & Editing)


Elisabeth Ackermann, President of the Government of the City of Basel (Festival frauenkomponiert 2018)

Honorary President (2015 –   )

Sofia Gubaidulina