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“The careful, efficient rehearsing and working in an inspiring, friendly and extremely attentive atmosphere is “Wellness”. I am extremely grateful for this experience (for the third time) and for the knowledge, this form of cooperation is possible, it is lived: here and now.” Bernadette Fries Bolli, Cello (Stf)

“After our recital I went to the great concert in the Theodorskirche. Congratulations on this achievement! The atmosphere was also very special, so colorful mixed by the people. I enjoyed it. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the incredible effort that this festival will cost you, I am really grateful to be part of such a beautiful and important event!” Maya Boog, Soprano

“Dear Jessica, you have my great compliment for your enormous achievement. It was really a very demanding program with practically unknown pieces. There wasn’t much history. None for Tyrrell, actually. Of course, this kind of thing needs even more preparation. Achieving all this in a usual period of time is a great challenge. But we did it. Your clear idea and perfect preparation certainly contributed a lot to this. But that you as a conductor sometimes ask for my (or other) opinion is unique to me. It’s a sign of strength. It should be for me, but the reality is rather different.” Jiri Nemecek, Konzertmeister

“The encounter with Alma was a revelation!” Bernhard Maurer, Cello

“I would like to thank you again for the extraordinary concert on Saturday, March 2018 in Bern! What luck to hear Agnes Tyrell’s first piece live and then with so much power and skill. Conductor Jessica Horsley has a lot to do with her! I came for Alma Deutscher and was not disappointed. Somehow the girl gives hope for a positive future for mankind. When someone with so much connection to the other “spheres” is among us, all things get a new glow. We wish you all much success and joy in all upcoming projects.” Ulrike Granögger, Bodensee

“Congratulations on such an inspiring edition of your festival. The orchestral evening and the closing two piano recital were alone worth coming for! The orchestral concert was absolutely splendid, and so were you and the orchestra. I loved the smart idea of programming Alma Deutscher too, she is such a sensation among the twelve-year olds (minus-plus), and it was wonderful to watch all those youngsters excited to see their peer performing on a major stage. They were beaming with pride, and totally immersed in the piece, here you have it! Your future audience.” Karla Hartl, President, Kapralova Society, Toronto

“I particularly enjoyed discovering Amy Beach’s symphony – I wasn’t aware of her work previously… It is always really nice to find wonderful music that you didn’t know was out there, so thank you very much for that!” Jon Roskilly, Trombone

Programmzeitung report, March 2018
Programmzeitung frauenkomponiert
Programmzeitung frauenkomponiert

BaZ report, March 2018
BaZ frauenkomponiert
BaZ frauenkomponiert

Telebasel report, February 2018

Report on the Festival frauenkomponiert 2018 auf Telebasel.

Review 2016

“Once again is was hugely inspiring and a wonderful experience to work with you! The atmosphere of solidarity in the rehearsals is the most valuable thing for me: one hardly ever experiences this any more in the “official” orchestras… I have only experienced this process of letting go with the best conductors, who are not necessarily famous, but who are deep human beings – and you are one of these.”
Omar Zoboli, Oboist

“The concert on 8th March was really beautiful, we enjoyed it hugely and managed to achieve a sound and tuning that is very rare. And the merit of all this lies with all my colleagues, but above all with you.”
Riccardo Papa, Bassoonist

“Warmest congratulations once again for the superb concert yesterday. It was an incredible achievement from the organisation to the performance. And the musicians visibly enjoyed playing under your direction/with you, Jessica. Very good rehearsal work und improving quality right up to the end. Also in the concert. That was, following on from the first edition of 2015, the second successful edition of worthwhile discoveries of previously largely unknown female composers.”
Thüring Bräm, conductor and composer, former Director of the Conservatory of Lucerne


Review 2015

Telebasel report, March 2015

Telebasel report on frauenkomponiert 2015.

Fanny Hensel, “Hero und Leander”: Dramatic Scene for Voice with Orchestral Accompaniment (1832)

Soprano: Maja Boog
Direction: Jessica Horsley

Sofia Gubaidulina, Impromptu for Flute, Violin and Strings (1996)

Flute/Alto Flute: Isabelle Schnöller
Violin: Barbara Doll
Direction: Jessica Horsley

“So many exciting, interesting and beautiful musical discoveries! A rich aural joy, by which one can only wonders why one hasn’t encountered these works previously in concert… Sequel for Women’s Day 2016 planned I trust!”
Sabine Scherrer

“It is unbelievable that the works of women composers were “unheard” for so long – simply because women composed them! It was indescribably beautiful to experience the musical creative power of four women composers on International Women’s Day. Huge thanks go to Jessica Horsley and to all the musicians and others involved.”
Lic. phil. Karin Haeberli, Representative for Family Matters and Parental Education, Education Department of the Canton of Basel City

“You (director Jessica Horsley) led excellent rehearsal work, were always polite and patient, which I greatly valued, and conducted inspirationally at the concert, leading well but also giving the necessary freedom to make music. Congratulations and “chapeau” – because the programme was not easy and the group had never before made music together…”
Rico Zela, Oboe