Our aims

  • to give a voice to women composers and recognition to their work(s)/li>
  • to spread our enthusiasm for these courageous women and their splendid music
  • to contribute to the variety of concert programming and thereby enrich the music world
  • to spread ‘unprecedented orchestral sounds’
frauenkomponiert is a not-for-profit association which aims to promote music, primarily orchestral works by women composers, by means of concerts, as well as editions etc.


Core group

Jessica Horsley (Initiator and Director)

Where did you get the idea for the project?
In 2013, somewhere between Prokofiev’s 5th Symphony and Beethoven’s 6th, I though to myself that it would be nice to conduct something by a woman. Whether there was anything? (It says it all that an internationally trained professional musician didn’t know the answer to that question already!)  I started digging, made some amazing discoveries, and so came into being the Basel project: frauenkomponiert

Jessica Horsley is a conductor, violist/barytonist und researcher. She lives in Basel.

Edwin de Sterke (Musicians’ representative & Press)

Why as a man do I support the music of women composers?
Because their music is performed very rarely. Whether a man or woman composed a piece makes no difference to me: good music should be played. There is much to discover here!

Edwin de Sterke is originally from Holland. He is a violinist, the father of two children, and is completing a doctorate on Plato.


Ursula Gschwind (Publicity)

Why am I involved in frauenkomponiert?
Because I often discover unknown women composers in my job as a CD and Music Advisor who I think should be made known to a wider public. The project is also very exciting for me personally: I can contributed my knowledge and to the success of the whole.

Ursula Gschwind is a cultural manager and CD und Music Advisor at Bider & Tanner.


Urs Peter Schmidt (Finances & Editorial Work)

Why am I on board?
On 8th March 2015 I experienced the first concert of frauenkomponiert. Great music, that’s for sure; above all though a fantastic, warm-hearted, supportive atmosphere, which made the afternoon into an unforgettable experience. I’ll gladly help to bring other such concerts to fruition.

Urs Peter Schmidt worked for many years in a CD company and currently divides his time between his family and children and his work as a sales assistant.


Circle of friends

Thüring Bräm (composer)
Bernadette Fries Bolli (musician’s representative)
Bernard Hucher (Project Consultant and Quality Manager)
Dominic Meier (Treasurer)
Daniel Rödlingshöfer (Logistik)
Gertrud Perler (Publicity)


Elisabeth Ackermann, Head of the City Government of Basel

Honorary President

Sofia Gubaidulina

Graphics and website

Natascha Kiefer, www.killerqueen.ch